Avocado Toast

Life Update – I’m back in the US!

These past few months have been kind of crazy! I’m really surprised that I was able to keep some traffic coming to this site and I’m really excited to start it up again!

For a quick update… I moved back to the OC from Japan and have been busy looking for a job and starting a job =_=

To be honest, I’ve had a really bad skin care routine since I got back! It pretty much consists of just washing my face. BUT I have been doing the double cleanse at least 🙂

Hopefully within the next few days I can get back on track and start updating the products I’ve been buying. One thing I’m really excited about is the Sephora Play box!! I am finally here to use it!!! So we’ll see how it goes.

Avocado Toast

Here’s a picture of avocado toast which was extremely bad for me but I was finally able to try it. It wasn’t as amazing as I expected though…