FAB First Aid Beauty

FAB continues to be one of my favorite Skin Care brands from the US. They are a relatively new company (established in 2009) but still have a large presence in the skin care market. Their aim is to create simple yet effective skin care products to address common skin problems. Their products are there to work efficiently both in the short term and long term.

Their products overall are great for sensitive skin and I think they really do have minimal irritancy. One of the major reasons may be because they don’t use artificial fragrances in their products (which means no skin burning!). So far, I have yet to have any problems with their products and would highly recommend their brand to all buyers with sensitive skin.

As far as price, I don’t think they are too expensive in the long run. For example, up front you may think “$30 for 8oz of face wash is expensive! Who would buy this?” BUT it’s safe for sensitive skin and lasts longer than you would expect (it lasted me a little over 2 months). You don’t need to use a lot to get the job done so the cost pays off fairly quickly.

My Favorite Products

Where to buy

You can buy FAB products directly from their website at www.firstaidbeauty.com (affiliate link). They offer a variety of promotional deals like 15% your first purchase, seasonal deals and a few sale items. Each order also comes with 4 free samples and free shipping over $50.


Sephora is also is a great place to buy FAB products. They have many gift sets available with smaller package sizes allowing you to spend less to try the products out. You can also easily ask for samples in store before purchasing the product. Their VIB program often has FAB rewards you can purchase with points and their seasonal sales (15% or 20% off) will give you a chance to save money! Check out their FAB products here.

Ulta Beauty

I’ve never used Ulta Beauty before but they also have FAB products if you prefer their store/website. They seem to have a lot of sales and also have a rewards program. Personally, I’ll stick with Sephora but if you’re not loyal yet you might want to check out their website here.

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