Eat Pretty

Book Review – Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out

Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out 

by Jolene Hart

Eat Pretty First, I would like to go over the good points of Jolene Hart’s Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out. This book is an excellent resource for foods and the kinds of nutrition and benefits they provide to our bodies. It also includes the specific seasons where fruits and vegetables are ripest and recipes that will help even the worst of cooks (like myself) easily create nutritious meals.

The book is split into three parts where the first, explaining the important of the book and Hart’s method, can basically be skipped. The second part is more important and explains the points I mentioned above (foods and recipes with their nutrition) while the third goes into how the gut and digestion affect the body as a whole. The third portion especially focuses on how to create a healthy gut with food combinations and fermentation and how to use your diet to balance your hormones. It’s short but has a lot of interesting topics to further explore (outside of the book).

Aside from the fact it’s a good resource… I found the writing to be a little irritating. It does well at making you feel like you’re ugly if you don’t eat according to Hart’s method. If you eat sugar, you’re “un-pretty”, if you drink coffee you’re “un-pretty”, if you don’t sleep you’re “un-pretty”!!! To me it’s not like the food listed in the book are impossible to eat, but it’s very limited and may put more pressure and stress following it then just eating a nutritious diet that is made up from the US Dietary Guidelines. To be honest, I was happy when I finished the book because I didn’t have to feel so bad about eating un-pretty foods!

The book provides a great introduction for anyone that has limited knowledge in nutrition but it’s not the best information to ‘eat pretty’. I would recommend taking a nutrition course or checking a website like where there is an abundance of free information that is very straightforward. If you need that extra self-help toned information then this book can be a little better. But… I would wait until it’s on sale before buying it!

Quotes from the book:

hungry girl
“Lack of sleep also makes it harder for you to make smart decision, so you’re more likely to impulsively grab a candy bar from the vending machine without thinking about the Eat Pretty foods you brought from home. It’s not your fault; your brain made you do it!” p. 187
“An Overload of Beauty Betrayers like sugar, processed foods, and alcohol can diminish the number of dopamine (pleasure) receptors in your brain, so by eating them regularly you’re negatively altering your brain function” p. 196


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