Sana Natural Resource Essence Milk

SANA Natural Resource Essence Milk

Sana Natural Resource Essence MilkI’ve been using Sana’s Natural Resource Essence Milk for a while now and finally am almost finished! It’s lasted over 3 months and I really enjoyed using it the whole time. Sana’s Essence Milk is made with minimal skin irritants and uses a combination of 100% naturally derived ingredients that will work to moisturize your skin. Sana pride’s itself in not using ingredients that will possible irritate the skin and in my opinion they did well!

My Experience

This essence milk didn’t irritate my skin at all from the beginning! It has a nice consistency and to my surprise blends pretty well with other products. Sana’s Natural Resource Essence Milk can be a little sticky but easily absorbs into the skin especially after using a toner product. It also helps keep your skin really soft and I think can probably be used without a moisturizer after.

I was surprised at how long this essence lasted. Depending on the person I think it can even last up to 6 months if used conservatively! At around $13 it’s well worth the price if you have sensitive and dry skin. If I didn’t want to try a different essence product I would definitely purchase this one again! In fact, I would even be willing to gift it along with a refill pack for a great skin care product.

Sana Natural Resource Essence Milk

Where to Buy

Unfortunately you can’t find this product on Amazon. If you’re lucky they might sell it at Asian or Japanese Markets but in general the best place to buy it will be in Japan. If you happen to be in Japan you can find it at more major drug stores or cosmetic stores for around $13~16. Also, I recommend buying a refill pack because you’ll want to use it again!


Water, BG, Glycerin, Mandarin Orange Peel Extract, Snow Fungus Extract, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Bilberry Leaf extract, Sphingoglycolipids of rice bran, Pearl barley seed extract,
Peony root extract, Kiwi Extract, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, carrageenan, citric acid, Na citrate,
Diglycerin, Sorbitol, Betaine, Lysolecithin, Hydrogenated lecithin, Phenoxyethanol

Original Japanese:


SANA Natural Resource Essence Milk

SANA Natural Resource Essence Milk










  • Great Texture
  • Great Value
  • Great at moisturizing


  • Can be a little sticky

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