Anessa Perfect Essence UV Spray

Review – Shiseido Anessa Spray UV Suncreen

Anessa Perfect Essence UV SprayI’m not a huge fan of spray sunscreen but I fell in love with Shiseido’s Anessa UV Spray! It was often advertised on TV as a spray you can easily spray on over your hair (my scalp is super pale) and over your face with makeup. The commercial basically worked at convincing me to buy it.

My Experience

This spray is very light and easy to use. I generally don’t like wearing sunscreen because of the smell, but Shiseido’s Anessa UV Spray doesn’t have a bad smell which is a huge plus for me! I use this spray a lot over my hair (for my scalp) and I have yet to get a sunburn when using it. I also will spray it over my neck and on my ears. I really like the fact that it can easily be applied to ears and protects them well. I usually use this spray along with standard sunscreen for body/face depending on how sunny it is outside.

The one downside to this spray is it’s expensive. On Amazon in the US it’s about $50/can and even it’s Japan it’s about $30/can (not much cheaper). I really enjoyed using it but for me it’s too expensive to use normally. I plan on finding a different spray to use for the same purpose. If you have money to spend, I would definitely recommend this UV spray but if you’re more on the cheap side, try something else.

Where To Buy

Amazon sells the newer version of Shiseido’s Anessa UV Spray for around $50.

Amazon – Shiseido Anessa Spray UV Sunscreen



Shiseido Anessa Spray UV Suncreen

Shiseido Anessa Spray UV Suncreen










  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't smell like sunscreen!


  • Very expensive in the US
  • Hard to tell if it's fully covering skin

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