Lululun plus Aroma Oil Rose Facemask

Review – Lululun Rose Aroma Oil Mask

Lululun plus Aroma Oil Rose FacemaskI picked this mask up when I was visiting Loft for about 200 yen (or $2). I was looking to try a mask that was a little more expensive than the normal ones to spoil myself. This mask was a little thicker than the First Quality ones and had way more moisturizer than I was expecting. It’s my first time trying Japan’s famous Lululun sheet mask brand and I was looking forward to the results.

My Experience

This mask smelled a little too strongly for me after opening the package. I kind of guessed that it would irritate my skin a bit and indeed it did. The recommended amount to keep the mask on is for 10 min but if you have sensitive skin I don’t think you should keep it on so long (or in some cases use it at all). I can imagine that people who have asthma or other breathing weaknesses may find this mask a little tough to use.

Overall the mask did sting my skin but it didn’t irritate it to the point where my face turned red (or was burned). The after smell is really nice and my skin was super moisturized and dewy. Also, I was happy with the size! It was a little big but compared to other sheet masks I’ve tried it fits my small face a lot better. Though, at this point I wouldn’t buy this sheet mask again. If you like trying new things it may be worth trying but in my case I would rather stick with a sheet mask that isn’t so stimulating on my face.

Lulumon Rose Aroma Oil Mask

Where to Buy

Unfortunately, you can’t easily find this series of masks in the United States. Your best bet is to pick some up when you travel to Japan! You can find them at places like loft and Tokyuhands.

Their standard line of sheet masks is readily available on Amazon for a decent price (depending on the seller).

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